Going to cover some NASCAR crashes.  Some will be a photo sequences. I'll try to provide what info I can on all the photos.

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Sequence of crash for Michael Waltrip at Bristol in 1990. This is just prior to impact. His car disintegrated into pieces.

As you can see Waltrip's car was destroyed.  This is one of the worst single car crashes in NASCAR history. Everyone who saw the crashed feared Waltrip was dead got only cuts and bruises

The car was then split in half, and the part Harmon wasn't in was struck by Johnny Sauter.

Adam Petty died at New Hampshire Speedway in May of 2000 practicing for a Nationwide race.  The throttle stuck, he hit the wall and died from a basal skull fracture.

Bobby Myers received fatal injuries in this crash at Darlington in 1957. Fonty Flock spun and stopped as Myers struck him head on.

In 2000 in the first Truck series race held at Dayton; Geoff Bodine had a vicious, fiery crash.

The truck barrel rolled several times, and as it rolled it was struck several times by several other trucks completely destroying it.

Bodine only broke his right wrist, right cheek bone, his right ankle, a vertebra in his back, and suffered a concussion.

This is JD McDuffies fatal crash at Watkins Glen in 1991. He had a mechanical failure that resulted in him losing his brakes. He slammed into the wall so hard his car flew up high into the air, and while in the air Jimmy Means car went under it (photo here). McDuffie was killed instantly.

Cale Yarborough goes out of the park at Darlington in 1965 while fighting for the lead with Sam McQuagg.

Yarborough going out with McQuagg (#24); Darel Dieringer (#16); and LeeRoy Yarbrough (#3). Ned Jarret won by 14 laps

At Nashville Speedway in 1963 Tiny Lund and David Pearson tangled. Lund (#32) blew a motor and hit the wall.

Tony Stewart wrong side up in a Nationwide race at Talladega.

Billy Wade died at Daytona doing a tire test in 1965; working on developing inner liners.

1973 saw Larry Smith have a fairly innocent looking crash at Talladega.  His crew was preparing to fix the car when they found out he had died. Rumor was he tore the inner out of his helmet because it irritated him.

The final lap at Watkins Glen saw a huge crash involving several cars, including David Ragan. Ragan (yellow car) was spun into the inner wall and came back across the track into traffic.

Reutimann hit the fence, and several cars were collected, but no one was injured.

Truck series racer Tony Roper received fatal injuries while racing at Texas Speedway in 2000. Roper was the third driver to perish in 2000.  The other two; Adam Petty, and Kenny Irwin; all from basal skull fractures. Four months later Dale Earnhardt Sr would die from the same injuries.

Somehow Red Farmer survived the horrific crash in 1975 at Daytona.

Brad Sweet in the black car hits the car of Joey Gase (#52) so hard at Bristol it lifted it off the ground

This start of Richard Petty's bad crash at Pocono.  You can see he's already hit the wall hard enough to tear off the right front wheel.
Waltrip crashed into the where the gate opens to let cars into the infield, the gate broke and he went head on into the end of the wall.

Here is a picture of the same gate 12 years later when Mike Harmon had virtually the same crash. You can see how far the gate moved and the end of the wall.

Harmon cheated death, and was able to stand up, step out of his car, and emerge uninjured.

Just a few months later in July, Kenny Irwin Jr. would be at the same track practicing for the CUP series race, and have the exact same thing happen; also killing him.

In 1965 Buren Skeen was also killed at Darlington.  Skeen spun and was struck in the drivers door. His seat ended on other side of car.

Bodine's truck got pinched into the outside wall, and climbed the catch fence at 190 MPH.

The fuel cell was thrown out and noting left of the truck but the roll cage; coming to rest on it's roof

This is all that remained of the race truck, but the roll cage did it's job and held up remarkably well

In 1983 at Daytona in a 125-mile qualifying race, Bruce Jacobi spun off of turn #2 into the infield. He started flipping violently when he hit the grass. He received extensive head injuries from the crash and was in a comatose state for four years until he passed away in 1987.

Another picture of Yarborough going over the wall. This footage was used for into on the ABC Wide World of Sports for many years.

Yarborough being hauled back to the garage. this is also the same race that Buren Skeen lost his life in.

Pearson (#6) got in the oil and he hit the guardrail and Lund, as Lund began to mow down the fence taking out a large section.

Louise Smith entered the families Ford in a race and rolled it...   oops.

Sara Christian found her self upside down also. she rolled her 1979 Ford in Hillsboro NC.

Fireball Roberts fatal wreck at Charlotte in 1964. Two cars crashed and Roberts spun trying to avoid them. His car backed into the infield wall and burst into flames.  He received severe burns and died five weeks later.

Ragan spun, but the infield fence is designed so that hitting it throw you back out onto the race surface. Reutimann hit Ragan and was thrown into the outside catch fence.

This is the famous end of the 1976 Daytona 500. Petty and Pearson crash coming off of turn #4.

This is the pit road accident that killed a member of Bill Elliott's pit crew.  Ricky Rudd came in to pit, and his rear wheels locked up causing his car to swap ends;  crushing the crew member between the two cars.  This incident directly led to the speed limit on pit road.

Rusty Wallace took a wild ride at Daytona in 1993, he did it again at Talladega in 1993.

Bobby Allison spun off turn #4 at Daytona and backed into the infield fence hard enough to fold down the rear clip and end up here.

The after math of Junior Johnson crash at Darlington.