On this page we'll pay tribute to the Ladies of NASCAR.
Of course several of the 'original' Ladies it is hard to come up with pictures of; but I'll do the best I can, and give you what info I can come up with.

I guess the easiest way to go about this is introduce the gals in the order they first raced in NASCAR.

The first NASCAR race was held at Charlotte, NC on June 19, 1949.  The first woman driver in NASCAR history is said to be Sara Christian who raced in the first event.  She qualified 13th in the #71 Ford owned by her husband Frank Christian.  She is credited with finishing 14th.  In the fourth race of the season Sara finished sixth, becoming the first female to earn a top 10 finish.  In the next to last race of the 1949 season on October 2nd in Pittsburgh, PA; Sara raced to a fifth place finish.  The only time to date a female has finished in the top five in a CUP race.

The second ever NASCAR race was held on July 10, 1949 on the Daytona Beach Road Course.  This time Sara's husband Frank also started the race, making them the first husband/wife combo to start a NASCAR race until 1986.  Frank finished 6th while Sara came home 18th.  This race also saw the next two female drivers join the ranks.  Both Louise Smith, and Ethel Flock Mobley raced in this event.  Smith finished 20th, while Mobley finished 11th.  This would be the first time three ladies started in the same NASCAR race until July 4, 1977.  Ethel was the sister of the "Flying Flocks" which included her brothers Tim, Bob, and Fonty Flock.  This race was also the first to feature a brother/sister tandum, and the first to feature four siblings in the same race.  Ethel raced in just two CUP events, however she raced in over 100 modified races in her career.  she was the top rated woman driver in all the South Eastern United States.

Meanwhile Louise Smith was known as 'the first lady of racing'.   She went as a spectator to her first NASCAR race at the Daytona Beach Road Course in 1949.  She could not stand watching the races, so she entered her family's shiny new Ford coupe in the race and rolled it.  Her hometown Greenville, SC. paper featured photos of the wreck, and the town knew about it before she got home.  She raced from 1949 to 1956. She won 38 races in her career in numerous formats: late models, modifieds (28 victories), midgets, and sportsman.  In 1999 she became the first woman inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. Smith competed in more CUP races than any woman; until Janet Guthrie started racing in 1976.

Ann Chester was the fourth woman to compete at the CUP level.  Not much is known about her career; outside the fact that her first race was on June 18, 1950 at Vernon Fairgrounds in Vernon NY. where she wheeled her Plymouth to a 22nd place finish.  Her second start that season would be at Hamburg Speedway (Hamburg, NY) where she would have an accident and be out of the event just before 1/2 way.  She ended up finishing 21st.  These would be her only two career starts. 
Also that same year at Vernon Speedway in the fall event, Ann Bunselmeyer made her only career CUP start.  She drover her Packard to a respectable 18th place finish in a field of 29.  We jump to 1954 before we see the next new female driver compete in the CUP ranks.  Hardly anything is know about Marian Ragan.  History shows she competed in just one CUP event, but does not tell us when or where.

Fifi Scott made two starts in 1955.  She would be the seventh female to run a CUP event.  Her first start was at the Arizona State Fairgrounds on May 8.  She did a good job in the race, until her Hudson had tires issues, and she was done for the event.  She finished 23rd.  Her second (and last) career start came the following week At Martinsville Speedway in Va.  (What a haul to race your only two career CUP races).  Arizona one week, Virginia the next.  IN any event she did well, starting 19th and wheeling her Hudson to a 13th place finish.
1965 saw Goldie Parsons add her name to the NASCAR drivers.  Driving the Buck Baker owned #89 Oldsmobile, she finished 14th still running, even if it was 58 laps behind.  She won $100 (big money for those days.

Now we jump up to 1976, and the more 'modern' days of NASCAR.  Janet Guthrie would move from racing in the Indy car series, to racing in the NASCAR series.  Although she always had underfunded, second rate equipment she did a respectable job behind the wheel.  Guthrie raced in 33 events, by far the most by a woman up to this time (and currently it is still second most ever in CUP competition).  Not only did she have to learn about the differences between driving the sleek fast Indy cars, and the bulking heavy stock cars,... she had to try and break the gender gap that was prevelent in the NASCAR garage.  Guthrie only raced part time, but is well know for her green Kelly Girl staffing sponsored Chevy.  Still Guthrie gave it the best she had, and was able to be fairly competitive.  She made 33 career starts, with he best Daytona 500 finish being 11th in 1979.  She was the first woman to ever run in the Daytona 500 also... Her career best finish was a sixth place finish at Bristol Tn on August 28th.  she had four career top 10 finishes, but that stat doesn't tell the whole story.  For her 33 career starts Guthrie posted 18 career top 15 finishes.  Thats over 50%; and strong running for a underfunded team, and driver who the male drivers looked down upon and did not offer any support.  If she would of been in top notch equipment, and had technical support like these days, she might have been a front runner.

1977 saw two more ladies added to the NASCAR roster.  Christine Beckers (from Belgium) joined Guthrie in the 1977 Daytona Fire Cracker 400.  This would be her only career start.  Interesting enough Guthrie and Beckers
would not be the only women in the 400 this year.  They were joined by Italian driver Lella Lombardi.  Having already made history racing in Europe in Formula1, This would be Lombardi's lone CUP start.  In the race she completed 103 laps and was the best female finisher on that day coming home 31st.  Becker's car was fielded by Junie Dunlavey.  One of the few times he ever entered more than one car.  The car was painted in camouflage.  Lombardi's car owner was Charles Dean and sponsored by Bearfinder.  Guthries Chevy blew a motor on lap #11, while Beckers Ford had brake issues on lap #33.  Lombardi would fall out after 103 laps due to rear end issues.  This was the second occasion of three different women racing in the same event. 

Robin McCall became the 12th female driver in the CUP series in 1982.  She ran both races at Michigan International speedway, but fell out of both.  She finished 29th with a blown motor and 33rd when she crashed.  McCall piloted the #5 Buick owned by JD Stacy.

Patty Moise and her husband Nationwide series Champ Elton Sawyer became the second husband/wife due to ever race in the CUP series.  Patty made five CUP starts, but never found much success having a career best finish of 30th.  She was a regular in the Nationwide series making 133 starts in that series, and recording a best finish of 7th at Talladega wheeling the #40 Purex Ford.

Alright, this one is kind of weird.  You see, technically, Terri O’Connell wasn’t a woman when she made her one and only NASCAR start at the 1990 Goodwrench 500.  Yep, that’s right. Back in 1990, she was a he, and his name was J.T. Hayes.  At the Goodwrench 500, Hayes started 38th and finished 38th after completing only 10 laps.  In 1994, though, Hayes had sex reassignment surgery and became Terri O’Connell.  I guess technically this shouldn’t count as a female driver, since at the time Terri was biologically male. But he felt like a woman on the inside, and I just couldn’t leave out the first and only transgendered driver in NASCAR (that we know of).

In 2001 Shawna Robinson made her CUP debute in Michigan.  She started 32nd in her Aaron's Dream Machine Ford.  She completed all but three laps.  This was her lone start in 2001.  In 2002 she raced seven more times, and finished 24h, her best career CUP finish.  Like Patty Moise, Robinson did most of her racing in the Nationwide series.  She posted her career best finish of 10th on the Watkins Glen road course on June 25th, 1994.  she spent a big part of her career sponsored by Polaroid.  some races she was sponsored by Vasserette.  A ladies lingerie company.  They had an interesting logo also.  If you look at the hood of the car you'll see a red and white circle.  If you 'see' it correctly it looks like a ladies behind in sexy thong panties.

Which brings us to the 16th and most recent lady to join the sorority of female NASCAR drivers who have competed in NASCAR top series.  Danica Patrick.  Cut much out of the mold as Janet Guthrie, Danica came into the sport as a 'racer'.  she came to prove herself, and to compete against the best in the business.  Having already had some success in the Indy car series (including a win in Japan) she made the big step over to stock cars.  She ran a part time schedule in 2012, before going full time in the CUP series in 2013.  at Daytona that year she won the pole for the 500.  The first pole ever won by a woman driver.

NOW we will continue on and cover the ladies that have raced in NASCAR's two lower divisions.  First is the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Patty Moise (1986) and Shawna Robinson (1991) were the first two ladies to compete in the Nationwide Series.  Tina Gordon was the third female to race in this series.  2001 was when Gordon made her first start, she started 42nd, but due to lack of funds, they decided to park after only one lap.  Her next start didn't come until 2003, and she would post her career best finish.  after starting 38th, she drove a good race, and finished in 10th place.  she only ran 12 more events in her career.  she also competed in 16 Truck series races, with best finishes of 13th at Nashville, and Charlotte

  The next female was Tami Jo Kirk.  She ran her first race in 2003 and ran 15 events that season.  All in the Advil Liqui-Gels Ford.  Her best finish was 21st at Pike Peak.  She also ran 32 races in the Camping World Truck series in 1997-1998 with a best finish of 11th at Topeka KS.  She posted 14 top 16 finishes.

Jennifer Jo Cobb, and Kim Crosby joined the Nationwide series in 2004.  Cobb made her first start on November 20th at Homestead Fl.  She started 28th but crashed out on the second lap.To date Cobb has ran in 26 Nationwide events with a best finish of 22nd at Kansas in 2012.  she now spends the majority of her time racing in the Camping World Truck series.  she has ran 72 races in that series, racing in a majority of the events the last three years.  She has a best finish of 6th at Daytona where she started 31st.  Meanwhile Kim Crosby ran her first race in April 24th, 2004 at Talladega.  She ran just a hand full of races over a three year span totaling 12 events.  Her initial start she posted her best career finish of 20th.  One of her normal sponsors was Boudreaux's Butt Paste (diaper rash ointment).  

Eric Crocker joined the NASCAR sorority in 2005 along with Mara Reyes.  Crocker was a sprint car ace.  She was the first female to win a World of Outlaws Feature event.  She joined Ray Evernham Motorsports and drove 10 events in a two year period. (2005-2006).  She had limited success posting a best finish of 19th.  She also ran 29 Truck series races from 2005-2008.  Her best finish of 14th came at Daytona in 2008.  Crocker and car owner Evernham started having an affair and when CUP driver Jeremy Mayfield had issues with Evernham he spilled the beans on the affair.  This virtually ended Crocker's career.  Crocker and Evernham were married on August 26th, 2009 in Las Vegas.  Mara Reyes ran her lone NASCAR race when the Nationwide series ran a race in Mexico City, Mexico.  She was the first latin woman to race in the Nationwide series.  Reyes started 39th and finished 35th five laps behind.

Chrissy Wallace; daughter of NASCAR driver Mike Wallace, and niece of NASCAR drivers Kenny and Rusty Wallace ran her first Nationwide race in 2010. Before that she ran a total of Truck series events in 2008-2009.  Wallace's two Nationwide races were at the speed factories of Daytona and Talladega.  She started 35th in the Daytona race, but crashed out before completing the first lap.  she had better luck at Talladega.  she started 18, and finished one lap down in 24th. 

Three gals made their foray into NASCAR in 2011.  Maryeve Dufault, and twins Amber and Ashley Cope.  The Cope twins are niece's of CUP Daytona 500 winner Derrick Cope.  Dufault has ran two events so far.  One in 2011, and one in 2013.  To date she ran the road course at Montreal finishing 30th.  She started 39th and worked her way up throughout the race.  Her second race she drove for GoGreen Racing and finished 30th, but the team was impressed by her ability to adjust during the race, and how fast she caught on to the heavy stock cars.  They signed her to 12 Nationwide races for 2014.  The Cope twins have each started just a hand full of races.  Amber Cope has ran in two events; the first in 2011 in Iowa.  she started 43rd, but managed to move up and finish 32nd.  In that same race Angela finish 38th.  Amber other start came in 2012.  This time she started 42nd, but drove to a 26th place finish.  Amber has also made one Truck series start; at Martinsville; finishing 26th.  Angela Cope has ran in seven events so far.  All of her starts came in 2011 and 2012.  she has a best finish of 25; coming at New Hampshire after starting 39th.  Angela ran a Truck series race (like amber; also at Martinsville) in 2010 starting 32nd and finishing 30th, but just a few laps off the lead lap.

Finally we have Johanna Long.  She is a great Super Late Model racer, having won one the Crown Jewels of that division; the Snow Ball Derby in 2010.  Tami Jo Kirk had also won the Snow Ball Derby in 1994.  Long has run the majority of the Nationwide races the last two seasons (2012-2013).  All of these events for car owner Mary Louise Miller, and most for sponsor ForeTravel Motorcoach.  Her best qualifying effort was in Richmond starting 8th.  To date her best finish is 12th; on three occasions.  Daytona, Kentucky, and Iowa.  She has had 18 top 20 finishes.  Long has ran in 24 Truck series events in 2010-2011.  Her best start was 5th at Daytona, while she best finish was 11th at Fort Worth TX.  She had 11 top 20 finishes.  She has plans for the full 2014 Nationwide series

Finally we will conclude with the ladies that have raced in NASCAR's Truck series.

Angie Wilson raced in 2002 for Rick Ware Racing.  Her best start was at Pikes Peak, qualifying 27th.  Her first start was at Martinsville, where she posted her best career finish of 23rd.  Three of her four races she finished in the top 25, but even though the rookie showed great promise right from the start, she was released from her contract; and has not raced in NASCAR since.

Teri McDonald also broke into the NASCAR scene in 2002.  She raced in seven events over a three year span.  Teri is the sister of Truck series racer Randy MacDonald.  In 2004 Teri made her best career start of 18th at Mansfield Speedway.  She parlayed that start into her best career finish coming home 25th when the checkers fell.  Also in this race were the drivers of Tina Gordon, and Kelly Sutton, the third time three females had competed in the same NASCAR race. 

In 2003 Kelly 'Girl' Sutton make her debute in NASCAR.  she would race for five season and start 54 races.  Kelly was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was the only person to race with that disease, until Trevor Bayne was also diagnosed with it in 2013.  Sutton started racing at the age of 10, but her racing career was halted due to her illness at the age of 16.  It was five years (1992) before she could resume racing.  In 1998 she raced in the Parts Pro Truck series (of which I was an official)  :-) and won a heat race, and the Oral B "Close brush award".  Sutton worked her way up to the NASCAR Truck series, and had her best start in 2004 at Las Vegas starting 14th.  she finished 15th in Charlotte for her best career finish.  What makes this a 'feel good' story is that throughout her career her sponsor was "Team Copaxone".  Copaxone is made by Teva Pharmaceuticals, and they sponsored the race vehicle every season she raced.  Recently sutton was riding on the back of her friends motorcycle when he hit a curb and crashed.  He was killed and Sutton received massive injuries.  after two weeks on life support and three months in the hospital, Sutton again defied the odds and is currently under going therapy and is on a slow steady path to recovery.

Deborah Renshaw came to the Truck series in 2004.  She made 38 starts in 2004-2005.  Her best start was in Nashville in 2005, where she started 8th.  Her best finish was 12th at Dover.  she became the first woman to ever lead a lap in the Truck series, and also the first woman to ever race a full schedule in one of NASCAR's top three series.  Renshaw's sponsor (EasyCare) had announced it would not continue in NASCAR as a sponsor, and that caused owner Bobby Hamilton to have to cut back to a part-time schedule for 2006. The pullout by EasyCare cost her her ride, and effectively ended her race career.

Michelle Theriault has chased her NASCAR dream since she was a child.  In 2008 she was able to move into the NASCAR Truck series.  SO far she has made six career starts, with her best start being 28th, and her best finish 27th.  Due to mechanical issues she has yet to complete a race.  Only once has she crashed in an event.  Michelle's progression forward has been slowed because of lack of sponsorship. Currently she is racing in the K&N Series to continue to hone her skills.

2009 saw the emergence of drivers Gabi DiCarlo, and Caitlin Shaw.  DiCarlo ran in three races in 2009.  she looked to be competitive as she had finishes of 24th, 19th, and 18th.  Somehow a ride never materialized for her to continue racing even though she showed strong initial results.  Meanwhile Caitlin Shaw's race career has been abbreviated also.  She made one start in 2009, and one in 2010. In 2009 she finished 24 at Indianapolis raceway Park, while in 2010 she finished 30th at Phoenix.

As of 1/1/2014 this is the complete list of female drivers who have competed in one of NASCAR's premier three series.

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