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I'd be remiss NOT to include the First Lady of Auto Racing.  HURST Ms Golden Shifter - Linda Vaughan. 

 Benny Parsons drove the J.D. Stacy Buick in 1982.  Stacy own/sponsored 7 cars that season - he went broke however

Terry Labonte - 1979 

 Tim Richmond - great natural talent

 Not one of Darrell Waltrips better days

Cale Yarborough - Champ 1977-1979 

Dega race action 

Lake Speed

Richard Petty 

 Dale Earnhardt - 1979 Rookie Car

Neil Bonnett 

Jimmy Johnson heads out for practice 

End of the day for Harry Gant 

Bill Elliott comes into the pits 



You have to have followed NASCAR for a LONG time to recognized Michael in the Hawaiian Punch Chevy.  Here he runs with Phil Parsons

Jody Ridley was another driver for Stacy.  And people thought Rick Hendrick was a "mega car owner".  He sponsored the cars on his own

Bet no one would know this is Rusty Wallace 

Janet Guthrie - the best female racer to date 

Danica Patrick 

Also Cale Yarborough 

More race action.. this is from Atlanta 

Ricky Rudd

 Buddy Baker

Bobby Allison's Hodgdon Ford 

Bobby Labonte & Jeff Gordon 

Bill Elliott's McDonalds Dodge 

Another rough ride for Ryan Newman 

Here one of the cars goes through the tech line.  The officials are fitting a template to make sure the car body is within specs.

On the left is who... would you guess Elliott Sadler 

The field lined up for the start of the race at Daytona