On this page we are going to take a look at many of the tracks on the NASCAR circuit.  I'll try to list what info I know about each.

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This is Soldier Field (yes the same Soldier Field where the Chicago bears play NFL football).  They raced here only one time (1956) and it was won by Fireball Roberts

This is Salisbury Speedway in Salisbury NC.  NASCAR raced here one year (1958).  It hosted one CUP race (won by Lee Petty) and one Convertible race (won by Bob Welborn)

Here is a couple photos from Asheville-Weaverville Speedway.  Junior Johnson leads the pack here in 1955.

This is the Peach Bowl; a 1/4 mile track located in Atlanta.  The hosted races in 1956-1957.  Fonty Flock and Bob Welborn claimed the wins.

This is from Morristown Speedway located in NJ.  NASCAR raced here from 1951-1955

This is Lakewood Speedway located near Atlanta GA.  This was a one mile track that hosted NASCAR races from 1951-1959.  They also hosted the convertible series, and the Indy car series.  For those familiar with the Atlanta area, this is where Lakewood amphitheater is now located.  Scenes from the 1977 Burt Reynolds' film, "Smokey and the Bandit" were staged at Lakewood.

Starkley Speedway hosted four CUP, and one Convertible events.  When NASCAR raced there it have been paved, but was still a 1/4 mile bullring.  NASCAR arced there in in 1958; 1961; 1962; and 1964.  Junior Johnson won twice. 

Pace lap for the 1957 race at Jacksonville NC.  NASCAR ran two races here 1957 & 1964.  Buck Baker won the first event, and Ned Jarrett the other.

Augusta Ga actually had two tracks NASCAR raced at.  This is Augusta Speedway.  which was a dirt track until 1961 until it was paved in 1964.  Augusta hosted races from 1962-1969.  Joe Weatherly would win the first two races held at the track.

Bowman Gray Stadium was a popular NASCAR track.  The CUP series raced there three times a year during the 1960's.  In fact it still host NASCAR events (Whelen Modified, and K&N races).  It still also host weekly events.  The CUP series raced there from 1958-1971.  It's always been a tough little 1/4 mile bull ring with rough and tumble racing.   Glen Wood won all three events in 1960, and Rex White all three in 1961.

These two pictures are from the 1955 Beach Race at Daytona.  On the left is the pace lap, and on the right is lap one.  Notice how smooth the sand is in the turns (that won't last long) and also what a big crowd they had.  The pole sitter was Time Flock alongside Lee Petty.  They finished 1-2.  They are followed here by Dick Rathman, Fireball Roberts, Dick Joslin, and Junior Johnson.  At the checkers Ray Duhigg finished third, followed by Curtis Turner and Fonty Flock.

Canfield Speedway in Ohio hosted CUP races from 1950-1952.  It hosted the Poor Man's 500.  The three years the winners were Bill Rexford, Marshall Teague, and Herb Thomas

Turns #1 and #2 to Sonoma (Infineon).  The track has hosted 25 races so far since 1989.  The first five races had five different winners; to date the last nine races have had nine different winners.

Heidelberg Raceway; located about 15 miles outside Pittsburgh PA.  The site hosted five CUP races and one Convertible race from 1949-1960. Lee Petty won the first and last races held there.

Green-Pickens Speedway in Easley SC hosted 29 CUP races from 1951-1971.  Here David pearson (17) and Bobby Isaac (71) occupy the front row in 1971.  Richard Petty won here six times, including the final race.

Dayton Speedway located in Daytona OH hosted six CUP races from 1950-1952.  Dayton was a 1/2 mile paved track, and of the six events ran there, it had five different winners. Dick Rathman won the final two events.

Phoenix raceway located in Phoenix AZ has hosted CUP races since 1988; and as of 2014 is still hosting two races a season.  Alex Kulwicki won the first race there, and made famous the Polish (backwards) victory lap. It is an unusual track with a dog leg on the back stretch.

Raleigh (NC) Speedway hosted seven CUP races, and three convertible series events. All races were ran from 1953-1958. Fonty Flock, Herb Thomas, and Fireball Roberts won six of the seven CUP events.  It was a one mile paved track.

Chicagoland Speedway has hosted races since 2001.  They host one race per year. Kevin Harvick won the first two events. SO far the biggest upset is David Reutimann winning in 2010. Tony Stewart has three wins.  He and Harvick are the only ones too have won more than once.

Turns #3 and #4 at Watkins Glen Speedway.  The track has been hosting CUP races since 1957. Buck Baker won in 1957, with Billy Wade, and Marvin Panch winning in 1964-1965 after a break. They have run continuous since 1986.

Richard Petty touring the high banks of Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. The track hosted CUP races from 1958-1984.  Joe Weatherly won the first event.

Marlboro Motor speedway located in MD only hosted one CUP race.  It was in 1959 and won by Rex White.  It was a 250 lap race that White led the first 119 laps of.  Jim Reed then took the lead and looked like the sure winner. But White passed him with two laps to go to get the win.

This is the "old" Richmond Speedway.  It was a tight 1/2 mile bull ring that provided lots of close racing action.  The CUP series has raced at Richmond since 1953 with Lee Petty winning the first event.  Richard Petty won 7 races in a row in the early 70's and nine of ten.

This is Martinsville in 1963.  Notice the way pit road is configured. Down the front stretch, and a sharp turn back out onto the track as you enter turn #1.  This is the start with Rex White and Fireball Roberts on the front row. Richard Petty would win this event.

Beltsville Speedway; located in Beltsville MD hosted 10 CUP races from 1965-1970.  It was a 1/2 mile paved track that always saw good competition.  There was not a repeat winner until Bobby Isaac pulled it off winning the eighth race.  Notice the spectators all dress in the Sunday best cloths.  Complete with white shirts, dress slacks, hats, and even ties. 

This is Auto Club Speedway located in Fontana CA. Currently it has hosted 24 CUP races (1997-2013). The track was built by Roger Penske, and based off of Michigan International speed that he also owns. The track is a 2 mile D-shaped oval. Since he started his CUP career in 2002 Jimmy Johnson has the most wins at this track (5).  Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth are next in line and both have 3.

This is action for the first race held at Central City Speedway in Macon Ga in 1951. This is the start as Bob Flock and brother Tim Flock started on the front row. Fonty Flock started third. Tim Flock would be the first to retire, with Herb Thomas getting the win.  There were seven races held at this 1/2 mile dirt track from 1951-1954. Hershel McGriff got the final win after Buck Baker was disqualified.

This is from the North Carolina Motor Speedway in Rockingham NC.  The track hosted CUP races from 1965-2004.  It was known to have some of the best racing action on the circuit. Rocking lost it's CUP date because of poor attendance, but that was due to the race being held in the NC mountains in early March.  Curtis Turner won the first race held, and Matt Kenseth the last.  Efforts have been made to get NC Motor Speedway back on the CUP schedule, and they did host NASCAR Truck series races there in 2012-2013; hoping NASCAR would once again bring their premier series back to "the Rock".

Both of these pics were taken at Oakwood Stadium in CA.  Check out the extreme banking in the corners, and how the cars ran right up against the wall like at Darlington SC.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway started hosting CUP events in 1993.  It is a flat one mile oval located in Loudon NH. Rusty Wallace won the first race held by beating Mark Martin by just over one second. Loudon hosted the final race of the 2001 season due to the events of 9/11. The race was schedule to be held the weekend right after 9/11; but was postponed. Robby Gordon got his only career oval track win that race..

These two pictures are from Bristol Motor Speedway. Action on this 1/2 mile high banked track is intense.  This is a race lap, not a pace lap. Some drivers made this their own personal playground. Cale Yarborough, Dale Earnhardt sr, and Rusty Wallace all had nine wins.  Darrell Waltrip claimed 12 wins, seven of them in a row from 1981-1984.

The current Charlotte Motor Speedway; looks like a test session.  They stated racing at the current Charlotte track in 1960; and still races there as of 2014.  The longest race of the year (600 miles) and the "All-Star" race are both held here. Joe Lee Johnson won the first event on the new track.

Here's another CUP track to be dropped from the schedule that provided great racing. This was North Wilkesboro Speedway located in NC. It was one of the tracks NASCAR raced on it's first year.  It was originally a 1/2 mile dirt track, but was paved and reconfigured into a 5/8 mile track in 1957.  Bob Flock won the first ever race there, while Jack smith won the first race after it was repaved. In all CUP ran 93 races there, the last one in 1996 won by Jeff Gordon.

This is the famed Darlington Raceway. It's been called the "Lady In Black", and "Too Tough To Tame"; and the drivers run the high line and get a "Darlington Stripe".  Cup events started being held here in 1960, and as of 2014 are still held there.  In the picture is the line-up for a Convertible series race.  NASCAR ran them here from 1957-1959. Fireball Roberts (pole) and Cotton Owens are shown here on the front row.  Curtis Turner won this event.

Kentucky Motor Speedway located in Sparta, KY. The track is new to the NASCAR series.  It started hosting NASCAR Truck races in 2000, Nationwide events in 2001, and it's first CUP event in 2011. It is a 1 1/2 mile oval build about identical to Chicagoland, and Kansas Speedway. Kyle Busch won the pole for the first CUP event, led almost 1/2 the laps to get the win. The track also hosts the ARCA series and the Indy Car series.

Langhorne Speedway in Langhorne PA hosted CUP races from 1949-1957. The one mile dirt track had a unique circular layout that earned it the name "The Big Left Turn". the CUP series ran 17 races here along with two Convertible events. Curtis Turner won the first two CUP events, and the final Convertible race. Sara Christian finished 6th in this race, while Louise Smith, and Ethel Flock Mobley both also ran in the race. Gwyn Staley won the final CUP race of his career at the final race here at Langhorne.  The track held races until 1971 when suburban growth engulfed the track.

Dover International Speedway is a high banked one mile speedway opened in 1969. Known as "the Monster Mile", Dover saw Richard Petty win the first two events held here.  although much slower than Talladega, this track can also have "the big one" at any time.  It is so fast, high banked, and narrow, a crash near the front of the pack can collect 20 or more cars in the blink of an eye.

This is Old Bridge Speedway.  It is located in Old bridge NJ.  NASCAR raced here 6 years (1956-1958 & 1963-1965)  The six races saw five different winners.

This is action from Atlanta International Speedway (the old configuration)  Atlanta started hosting races in 1960 with Fireball Roberts winning the first race.

This is from Asheville-Weaverville also.  This is David Pearson in for a pit stop in 1968.  He swept both races that season. The track hosted CUP races from 1951-1969.  The track was paved in 1957.

Marchbanks Speedway located in Hanford CA hosted three NASCAR races ( 1951; 1960; 1961)  The first race was on a 1/2 mile dirt track, but by 1960 had been expanded to a 1.4 mile paved track

Not a great pic but all I could find.  This is Jefco Speedway in Jefferson GA.   (later called GA International, Peach State, and now Greshams Motorsports Park).  This is from the 1969 CUP race won by Bobby Issac.  The track also hosted a CUP event in 1968

This is something you don't see everyday.  This is  from the 1958 event.  You can see he has rolled his car; and has on his stylish short pants, and no shirt,.. but he has on his helmet.  Of the 11 CUP races ran at Lakewood, there was 9 different winners.  There were also two different winners in the two convertible series events.

This is from Ontario Motor Speedway.  It was made exactly like Indianapolis Motor Speedway except for being 2 miles in length.  It hosted some great NASCAR event during it's years in operation from 1971-1980.  This is the initial race from 1971, as you can see they started 3 wide like at Indy.

Southern states Fairgrounds located in Charlotte NC hosted NASCAR races from 1954-1961.  This was a 1/2 mile dirt track that had 200 laps events.

This is Augusta International Raceway.  It was a three mile road course. NASCAR raced here in 1964, with Fireball Roberts getting the win. This would be Roberts last win.  The track had a 5 pm curfew.  The race was scheduled for 500 miles but due to the curfew was halted at 417 miles. 

This is Riverside International Raceway; perhaps the best road course NASCAR has raced on.  They hosted races 48 races from 1958 to 1988 This is the pace lap from 1970 that has Bobby Allison on the pole.  Richard Petty led 149 of the 153 laps to beat Allison by over a lap.

Islip Speedway in HY hosted six races from 1964-1971.  This was truly a bullring.  It was a paved 2/10th miles track.  Billy Wade won the first event there with Marvin Panch winning the next.  Bobby Allison and Richard Petty won the last four races.

Layout of Sonoma track.  It is a 1.98 mile track with a distance of 110 laps - a distance of 218 miles. as of 2014 Jeff Gordon is the winningest driver here with five victories

VERY early shot of Daytona International Speedway.  My how the seating had grown. Note the Daytona Kennel Club (dog race track) in the upper left hand corner. 

Civic Stadium located in Buffalo NY hosted one CUP event, and one Convertible series event.  The track was a 1/4 mile paved track.  Jim Reed won the CUP series race, and Joe Weatherly won the convertible race.

Five Flags speedway located in Pensacola, FL. hosted one CUP race (1953). Then as now it was a 1/2 mile paved track.  Herb Thomas won the race.  Currently Five Flags host one of the four "major" Super Late Model events (Snow Ball Derby)

Trenton Speedway located in Trenton NJ hosted from 1958-1972.  The first race held was 500 laps around the one mile track. (long race for 1958).  The rest of the races were cut back to 300 miles.   Fireball Roberts won that event.  Bobby Allison won the final event in 1972.

Indianapolis Motor speedway; long the hallowed ground of Indy cars, started hosting CUP races in 1994.  Jeff Gordon won the first event. Gordon and team mate Jimmy Johnson have both won four events.

Portland Speedway located in Portland, OR hosted seven CUP races in the span of just two years. Herb Thomas won the first event; with the track seeing six different winners.  Eddie Pagan won the final two events.

Layout of Watkins Glen track.  It is a 2.45 mile track with a distance of 90 laps - a distance of 220 miles. As of 2014 Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart are the winningest driver here with four victories each.

This is also Nashville.  Everyone thinks night racing is something new.  Nashville has run night races since the 1970's. Geoff Bodine won the final race there.

Here is typical action from Talladega Speedway.  One wrong move and the whole pack crashes.  Talladega has been providing exciting races since 1969.  Richard Brickhouse won the first race; with the Fall event going 14 years before it had a repeat winner.

In 1988 Richmond was expanded to a 3/4 D-shaped track.  Davey Allison pulled off the first win on the new configuration. Richmond hosts two CUP events every year as of 2014.  Rusty Wallace has the most wins (6) on the new track as of 2014.

This is the new Martinsville configuration.  Track is the same except they added concrete in the corner since the horsepower of the cars was tearing out the asphalt. Notice how pit road is now set up. You enter the pits in turn #3 and exit as you come out of turn #2.

Homestead-Miami speedway is a 1 1/2 mile paved track located in Homestead FL.  It began hosting CUP races in 1999 and has been the season ending race on the CUP schedule since it started having CUP events. Tony Stewart won the first two events. These are rumors as the 2014 season begins they may move the race date to some other time in the season.

Another California Track was Ascot Stadium located in Los Angeles. It was a 1/2 mile dirt track racing a distance of 200 laps. Three CUP races were held here from 1957-1961. The first race was won by Eddie Pagan, but shortened to 150 laps due to extreme dust. The second race was shortened by rain.  The final race went the full distance and was won by Eddie Gray.

Las Vegas Motor speedway is a track currently on the CUP circuit. It is a 1 1/2 mile D-shaped oval that has hosted 16 races from 1998-2013. Mark Martin won the first race here, just edging out his Jack Roush team mate Jeff Burton. Martin would go on to seven wins in 1998. Burton would win the second and third races held at this track. This is also the site of the first Nationwide race ever held west of the Mississippi River.

Oglethorpe Speedway located in Savannah GA. hosted two CUP races on it's 1/2 mile dirt surface. The races were in 1954-1955.  The track is still a dirt track and in operation today. Al Keller would lead 184 of the 200 laps, and wheel his Hudson to the win by over two laps. This would be the first of Keller's two career wins. The other would be that same year driving a Jaguar.  The final race saw Lee Petty take over the lead from pole winner Dick Rathman, and led the final 136 laps to cruise home to the victory by over four laps over Don White. Rathman ended up third six laps down.

Oakland Stadium hosted three CUP events (1951-1954). Here Marvin Burke wins the first event, and his only CUP win.  He only ran in one CUP race, and as you can see he won.

Memphis-Arkansas speedway located in LeHi AR ran five CUP races over a three year period. The track was a 1 1/2 mile dirt track.  This was the first CUP race ever held at a 1 1/2 mile track, and was won by Buck Baker by over five laps.  Lee Petty won the pole and led the first 150 laps before he broke an axle, when Baker took over to lead the final 17 circuits.  The five races saw five different drivers score wins.

The view from the seats at Bristol. They hosted their first race in 1961, and host two races per year as of 2014. The track has grown to hold 170,000 race fans, and in 2016 will hold a college football game between the University of Tennessee and Virginia tech in the infield.  Imagine 170,000 people at a college football game...

This is Texas World  Speedway located in College Station TX.  The 2 mile paved track hosted CUP races from 1969-1981. The tracks first race was the 54th CUP race of the 1969 season. The track fell into disrepair in 1980, and NASCAR dropped the track after 1981.

Vernon Fairgrounds was located in Vernon NY, and hosted two CUP races; both in 1950. Bill Blair would win the first race here; and it would also be Blair's first CUP win (out of three). Ann Chester would run the race becoming only the fourth lady to compete in NASCAR's top series. Dick Linder won the final CUP event held here. The track closed in 1951, and as of 2013 is currently active part time as a horse race track.

Further up the page we had a picture of the "old" Atlanta Motor Speedway configuration. The old configuration was also a 1 1/2 mile track, but it was laid out like a paperclip. Two long straight and two tight high banked corners.  Atlanta also started hosting CUP races in 1960, and still host them as of 2014.  IN 1997 the tracks configuration w as changed to this D shaped oval you see here; just like the tracks now at Charlotte and Texas.

Another great little track in Atlanta GA.  This was the Peach Bowl.  It hosted a CUP race in 1956 and 1957. When the CUP cars raced there it was a 1/4 mile track, and ran the race was 200 laps wrong. Both races were Convertible events.  Fonty Flock made his convertible debut and got his only Convertible win. In 1957 Bob Welborn led from start to finish to win by two laps.

Long Pond, PA. is where Pocono Speedway is located, and has hosted CUP races since 1974. Through 2013 the track has hosted 73 CUP events with Richard Petty winning the first event.  The track is a 2 1/2 mile track laid out as a tri-angle with the nick-name of the "Tricky Triangle". The track was originally laid out to host Indy car races. Each turn is modeled after turns at 3 different tracks. Turn #1 is modeled after Trenton Speedway in NJ; Turn #2 is modeled are the 9* banked turns at Indianapolis, and turn #3 is modeled after the turns at the Milwaukee Mile.

Kansas Speedway is a 1 1/2 mile track constructed very similar to Chicagoland and Kentucky Speedways. It is located in Kansas City KS, and started hosting CUP races in 2001 and saw Jeff Gordon win the first two races held. Following the spring race in 2012 the track was reconfigured.  It repaved the oval, added variable banking and added a road course.