NOW if you completely understand how the drivers qualify for "The Chase" for real... this will be easy for you to understand. Here's the basics.
1) We'll take every player that wins a weekly race during the first 26 races to be in the "Chase";... just like the NASCAR series.
2) The top eight players (without a win) in the overall points at the end of the third segment (26 races) will also automatically be seeded into the playoffs. (The Chase).
3) If you tie with another player for a weekly win it will count as 'a win' for both players. Players won't be penalized or given 1/2 credit because you tied.
4) The players that make the Chase will start off with 12,000 points - except for the people with top five weekly finishes wins; they will get a 15 point bonus for each win throughout the season. Second will receive 12, third 9; fourth 6 and fifth 3.  
5) SO; I am sure we'll have a wide variety of people qualify for the first round of the Chase. I wouldn't be surprised to see 30 or more qualify to make the Chase (which is good for everyone, because even if you have a "bad" year but win just ONE week; you are right back in the hunt for the Chase winnings).
6) For less confusion we will call our Segments of the Chase "Rounds". First three races will be "Round 1" - next three races will be "Round 2"; next three is "Round 3" and finally the last race the "Championship Round"
7) Now with such a large number of people qualifying initially to make the Chase; the cut after the first three races will be fairly substantial  At that time we'll cut from the folks that qualified down to 18 after the first Round.  So we have 18 advance to Round 2; and at the end of Round 2 well will cut down to the top 10.  These 10 will advance to Round three. At the end of Round three we will cut down to the top four and these four will race for the Championship.
8) Just like in NASCAR if you advance to the Playoffs and you win a race in round 1 you automatically advance to round #2.  Same if you win in round two (you advance to round 3 and so on....)
9) If you qualify initially for the Chase for the Championship; you will be given 15 bonus points toward your cumulative score in the Chase and can also earn 15 additional points for each race you win in the last ten races. (these points apply to "Chase" part of game only - ie won't be added to your "Overall" score).  But they WILL remain added to your Chase score the whole remainder of the game.  Points will also be awards for second through fifth like covered in rule #4 above.
Like in NASCAR; scores for all those that qualify will be reset (with bonus points for those who have a win in the first 26 races). We will keeps scores solely for the first three races of the final segment and the 18 players with the most points will advance to the next round. (If we have a tie for the final spot, that spot will also advance). Then we'll reset scores and go again for the next set of three races. (mirror image of NASCAR here). Any bonus points you have earned will continue to carry forward. 
11) Of course when we get down to the final race of the season; we'll have four players advance to the Chase. The person who scores the most points will win; Any person who has won a race in round #3 (that has advanced to this point) will advance to the Championship Round. Any of the remaining four spots will be filled by those highest in points in the third segment.  In the unlikely event we have a tie and MORE than four people win a race in the final three races ALL will advance to the Championship race.  (for example if we have five people advance to the Championship race; ALL FIVE will compete for the Championship and they receive the top five spots in prize winnings) 
12) While all of this is going on - The rest of the game will carry on and the weekly, segment, and overall winnings will go on as per the original rules.  Basically, you 'earn' your way into the Chase, and the Chase is a side-item.  

Now these Chase scores will be kept separate from the 'Overall' part of the game.  It's possible you could win money in both the Overall part of the game, and also the Chase part.  And just because you might not make the Chase,... that don't keep you from winning any overall prize money.  Here is the reason we add this Chase portion to the Fantasy Racing game.  Let's face it, from time to time we have a bad season.  This will keep EVERYONE that is playing the game with the possibility of making (or winning) the Chase.  No matter your overall score, you'll have a shot to make the Chase.  It's 100% possible to get in the Chase at the last second.  Also I think it will keep people more involved.  So far each year determining who will make the Chase has come down to the very last race; whether it's trying to get in via points; or with a race win.  
A player could be doing bad all year long, and win the final race of segment number three, and all of a sudden find themselves in the Chase.  So along with some extra payouts, it'll add some extra excitement (and it may get players to juggle their picks a bit more to shoot for the wins).  You have more options.  Go for the gusto and shoot for the wins, or try to be steady all year, and get to the Chase on points.  It has will be an exciting addition to our game.  Both for the competition and the 'un-known' of who does what the last couple races to move themselves into the Chase and knock someone else out.