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BELOW this I write a blurb about that weeks race; and also which players did what, what drivers did well (or poorly) etc.  Folks say they love this as it is interesting and often funny

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I certainly shot MYSELF in the foot this week.  I had all my picks lined up and set to go Saturday night.  Then they said about 30 minutes before the start Dillon was sick.  I got cold feet and dropped him for Jones.  It cost me 7 point.  But as bad as I screwed up my OTHER change, every little bit helps.  Anita had Kyle and we only had one pick different; so I dropped Kyle and took Hamlin.  I mean I did it on the PACE LAP - Cost me in excess of 55 points.  OUCH.  DAMN.  Can't be doing things like that.  To make matter worse 70 folks took Kyle Busch and only six took Hamlin.  That means I lost that 55+ points to the whole field.  THAT hurts.  And it'll hurt the whole segment.  Three races to go and I just need to be working on making up points toward the overall.  I screwed myself this time so I'm kind of out of it for this segment unless I real off three great weeks.  On a positive note; I can still WIN and lock myself into the Chase.  SO there's always something to work toward.

Driver Picks
Ok let's see where we did good and where we (I) screwed to pooch this week.  70 people picked Kyle Busch and like last week he rewarded you handsomely winning a stage, (this time two); leading the most laps; leading at 1/2 way and winning the race.  He grabbed 106 points.  Keselowski got the second most picks (63) and struggled early.  When Paul Wolfe got that thing tuned up he was fast.  Just not as fast as Kyle.  He did end up second and led 42 laps and got 63 points.  Harvick had 51 picks; and after struggling the last several weeks late in the race he found something and finished fourth and scored 62.  Logano got 44 picks and finished second.  He also finished great in the stages and earned a total of 76 points.  Those four guys earned the post points for the A group.  Truex got 23 picks even though he started 27th.  Once again he managed to work his way forward and finished eighth; but the other four guys sucked up all the points and he was only able to get 43 points.  Blaney looked good in Happy Hour but not many folks picked him; only 19.  Blaney ran well and finished fifth and got 55 points.  Larson also looked good in happy hour, but the Chevys just didn't perform well.  Larson was only able to finish 12th and scored 29 points.  Elliott finished eleventh and scored 37 thanks to some bonus points or it would have been worse.  The best Chevy was Kurt Busch in sixth and scored 45 points.  Luckily no one picked Bowyer as he had mechanical issues and finished last.

Almirola had the most picks again this week with 69.  He is such a popular pick and running so well he is going to be moved to the A group at the end of segment #1.  He was the best finishing B driver in ninth and scored the most with 52.  A drivers took up all the first eight spots.  A Dillon managed to tough out his sickness and finish tenth and get 41.  Suarez came home 13th and was third highest scorer with 36.  Dillon scooped up 30 picks while Suarez had 11.  Jones had the second most picks and finished 19th scoring 30.  Johnson had 43 picks and scored 28 while finishing 17th; and Newman picked up twelve picks and finished 22nd and got only 19 points.

Once again, I picked Hemric and I got hosed.  At least this time I was in the same boat as a lot of people.  He looked to have a fast car but got into the wall and finished 33rd.  OH these rookies; what will they do??  Oh and Hemric had 37 picks but only got 9 points.  Stenhouse had the most picks with 52 and got a lap down but managed to get back on the lead lap and finished 14th.  He got 32 points; most in the C group.  Buescher got 26 picks and finished 16th; second best C driver and scored 25.  DiBenedetto was 18th and Menard 20th.  Preece, McDowell and Ragan finished close behind.  Those that avoided Hemric avoided a land mine.

D drivers LaJoie picked the most - 49 times.  However Lajoie struggled to keep pace and finished several laps down in 31st scoring ten.  Tifft got 16 picks, but scored the best finishing 26th and 15 points.  Taking Tifft or LaJoie determined the winner.  Bobby took Tifft while Jackie and David F2 took Lajoie.  If either of them would have had Tifft they would have beat Bobby by one point.

Bonus scoring I'll toss out a few stats.  Kyle Busch earned 10 bonus points for Leading at 1/2 way; most laps, and over 1/2 the laps in the race.  He also had the most fastest laps.  Truex was the most improved (+19 spots).  Tifft was the best rookie.

Weekly Winner -  Bobby W2
       Winning score - 502      MAX score - 508      Low To Cash - 480

CONGRATS to this weeks winner Bobby W2 on this weeks win.  You will see that the winning score  wasn't far ahead of low to cash.  The scores were packed tightly together.  Only 22 points from last cash to winning.  Ed P put all his eggs in one basket and both his #1 and #2 players had the same picks.  He finished second just two points behind.  Skip H2 has gotten hot here recently cashing three of the last four weeks.  He was fourth this week and David F2 and Jackie G rounded out the top 5 as they tied with 497.  Low to cash first week was 480 and four folks battled over that final spot.  I want to toss out that we saw eight players get some money for the first time this week.  Last week it was nine new folks; so for the most part the winnings are getting spread around so far.    There have already been 51 different people get some winnings in only five weeks.  Anita's three week in a row cash streak ended this week as she missed the money by 12 points.  We again had two of the gals. in the money.  OH all the way back to 56th was within 50 points of the money, so it was packed this week.

Segment leader -  Michael R 2191      Low To Cash - David F1 - 2092
 -  Michael R outscored Anita this week by 12 points and edged by her back into the lead by four points.  Chris W was third last week but had a horrible week.  It seems as "good" as his picks were last week when he won; this week they were that "bad".  He had low score with 369.  Like me he didn't take Kyle Busch which hurt bad.  and he had Truex and Kurt Busch who only scored in the 40's.  Man I feel your pain.  Anyway he dropped from third down to 17th - On the good side he is just ten points out of the money.  David atnip now occupies the third spot 39 back of our leader.  It's a pretty tight pack after that because it is only 60 points from third back to last cash.  David F1 has that 99 points in arrears.  As we saw this week 100 points can come and go easily; so if we look back to 100 points out of the money currently - we have to look all the way back to 48th place.  Heck I'm 150 back and if I have a couple good weeks even I got a shot to cash this segment yet.  AND with a track like Martinsville this next race - I am sure we'll see a lot of torn up race cars that will shuffle the points.

 - In the overall; the scores will match week for week UNTIL we start segment #2.  So I'll leave this page blank until we start segment two.

Super 7 ---  WE GOT to the first race of our Super 7 contest.  Remember it pays out two spots $25 to win and $10 for second.  It's just a little side deal to make things interesting.  Of course the leader board currently looks like this weeks weekly results.  Race number to will be at Richmond.

 -   Nothing going on with this sheet until the Chase starts.  I'll fill you in when we get to it.

The Rookie of the Year chase... so far it's too early to even pick a front runner.  We have four rookies in the money in the Segment.  Robin might have a leg up because he did get a win already.  BUt it's early yet, and Zeke just missed a win this week by one point; Patricia by two and Ben by three.  We have saw 12 of our rookies cash at least once already this year.  That's better than I am doing.

We now have five winners locked in in five races.  Anita still leads those that would get in via points.  And as mentioned above we see Skip H2 has moved into the top eight now.  Mark F holds down the final transfer spot by just seven points over Ray M.  And all the way down to 40th is within 100 points.  Like I said in other spots - LONG way to go.
Until Next week - Take care

Below is a copy of the weekly results that will remain here all season.

2019  WEEKLY  RESULTS / Winnings 


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