I'm dividing up race cars into decades.  You can see the different car styles, paint jobs, and the difference in cars, that drivers had from year to year, and decade to decade.  Enjoy

Louise Smith's 1940 Ford

Tim Flock's 1940 Ford "The Black Phantom"

Red Byron's 1949 NASCAR Champ

Buck Baker's 1950 Oldsmobile

Gober Sosebee's 1950 Oldsmobile

Jimmy Florian's 1950 Ford Lincoln

1950 TUCKER driven by Joe Merola

Slick Smith's 1950 Nash

Louise Smith's 1950 Nash

Harold Kite's 1950 Lincoln

Marshall Teague's 1951 Hudson Hornet

Frank Mundy's 1951 Studebaker

Johnny Mantz's 1951 Plymouth

Tim Flock's 1951 Olds

Frank Mundy's 1952 Oldsmobile

Tim Flock's 1952 Hudson

Curtis Turner's 1953 Olds

Lee Petty's 1954 Chrysler

Al Keller's 1954 Jaguar - 1st foreign make to win race

Dick Rathman's 1955 Hudson

Don Oldenburg's 1955 Buick Convertible

Marvin Panch's 1956 Ford

Tim Flock's 1956 Chrysler 300 -- note car #300-A

(Flocks team-mate) Buck Baker's 1956 Chrysler #300B

Jim Paschal's 1956 Mercury Marauder

Junior Johnson's 1956 Pontiac - here and below

Joe Weatherly's 1956 Ford Convertible

He had a rough day on the beach; rolled it; finished 40th

Fireball Robert's 1957 Aiken - Mitchell Chevy

Fireball Roberts' 1957 Ford

Frank Thompson's 1957 Ford Fairlane

Richard Petty's 1957 Oldsmobile

Buck Baker's 1957 Chevy - "Black Widow"

Bobby Myer's 1957 Oldsmobile - fatal start at Darlington

Emanual Zervakis' 1957 Chevy

Cotton Owen's 1957 Chevy

Sal Tovella's 1958 Ford Edsel

Fireball Robert's 1958 Chevy

Curtis Turner's 1958 Ford

Richard Petty's 1959 Plymouth Fury

Joe Lee Johnson's 1959 Chevy

Buck Baker's 1959 Chevy

All Photos copyright and are property of their respective owners

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