In 2015 The Southern 500 returned to it's traditional Labor Day Weekend spot on the schedule.
In 2005 NASCAR pulled one of Darlington's race date leaving them with just the Spring race
After 10 years NASCAR moved the race back to it's rightful place on the schedule and for the events return,  

Darlington Speedway put on a big promotion to celebrate with a "THROW BACK" weekend.  
Some race tickets were only $18 each; and Darlington had hoped a few cars would jump on the band wagon and paint some cars with old paint schemes.  The teams supported this with great enthusiasm and more than 16 race teams did some sort of throw back scheme.  Through 2018 the promotion has continued and more and more teams participate.  We'll look forward to more participation from race teams.

Click on the year below to see the paint schemes from that year.
It'll show the scheme that raced; and the car the scheme was based off of.

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