Here is a look of those wonderfully fast and attractive Dodge Daytonas and Plymouth SuperBirds.
Some shown are driven by well know drivers, and some by lesser known drivers.  This car was super competitive no matter who was behind the wheel.  They only raced in 1969 and 1970 before NASCAR outlawed their big motors, and giant wing.  Buddy Baker became the first man to run over 200 MPH on March 24, 1970.  (200.447).  The Indy cars didn't break 200 MPH until 1977.
There is a video link with the picture of the car below.

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Bobby Issac's famous K&K Insurance Dodge

'Chargin' Charlie Glotzbach's DOW Daytona

Fred Lorensen's PIPER Dodge Daytona

Country singer & NASCAR racer Marty Robbins

This is the 'work horse' that broke the 200 M.P.H. barrier driver by Buddy Baker.  Video Link Here

Bobby Allison's Golden Products Dodge

Richard Brickhouse

Veteran James Hylton's Dodge Daytona

Ramo Stott's Superbird

Neil Castle's Stewart Mathena Dodge

Don Tarr's Coca-Cola Dodge

Talmage Prince's Dodge Daytona

Dave Marcis in his WaterPark Dodge Daytona

Richard Petty's Plymouth Superbird

Pete Hamilton's 7Up Plymouth Superbird

Tiny Lund's Baughman Daytona

Buddy Baker's, Cotton Owens Owned Dodge Daytona

Buddy Arrington's Dodge

Ray Elder's Dodge

Jim Vandiver Moss-Thornton Daytona

Joe Frasson's Dodge

Dick Brook's BestLine Products Plymouth

Dan Gurney's Superbird

Roger McClusky's Plymouth RoadRunner