I hope you can check out the site, and maybe learn a little something in the process.  GREAT place to visit in the Off Season.  During the off-season I work methodically through all the NASCAR information pages to get them up to speed and do end of season updates.  

We ALL FILLED with entries again in 2019

BUT WAIT - Don't leave yet.  After we fill the field we will make a waiting list in case a player decides not to play.  Use the Contact Us tab to get put on the list.  If you do NOT get in this year; you will be FIRST contacted in 2020

Chances of winning money every week currently are 1:5.  

In 2018 we paid out 12 spots EACH race, each segment, overall, and eight spots in the Chase.  We paid out winnings of over $5,500 in 2018 alone.  IN 2019 we'll pay out over $6,200.

Welcome to the site.  Click on any of the links above to go check out everything on the site.  We are LOADED with stuff about NASCAR.  As you can see we have History; BIOS of drivers, car owners, crew chiefs. etc.  We also have tons of photographs.  My aim is to make it fun to be here; while educating you on all the many things having to do with NASCAR since it's inception.  

This started out as a site to host our little private NASCAR Fantasy Game... but over the last decade has evolved into an all encompassing NASCAR informational site.  Yeah, we still have a 'work in progress', but there is still a whole lot to see.  Currently I am doing a TOTAL UPDATE to every page, picture and article on the site so you will notice some pages look different than other.  BUT come on in, take a look around.  Who knows you may decide to check out the race game also. ??

We have a great little race game that we have been running for 16 years.  It is not like any fantasy race game I have ever saw anywhere.  Most of the people that participate have played since it's inception.  The way the rules are put together, and how the CUP drivers are split up sure makes watching the CUP races more interesting.  And the points are so close every week from top to bottom.  Feel free to go to the "Weekly" link and check out all the results, and see for yourself how close it is week in and week out.

You can see the complete set of rules on the "Rules" tab above.  Check them out, you'll see what makes the game so interesting.  Please get with me if you are interested.  I have a few spots left for the 2019 season yet.  Many of the players from 2016 have already paid in full or in part for the 2019 season (yes people enjoy it that much)  Drop me a note via the "Contact Us" link at the top; and get your spot reserved now.  The season will kick off before you know it.  We also have a page on FaceBook here.  Love to have you come chat with us there.

Victory Junction - Our Fantasy Race Games official  Charity

In the past four years our little group has donated over $2,600

JOIN YOUR LOCAL FOE - People Helping People

Lets wipe out diabetes in our lifetime

Drop me an note here if you have any questions???   Just go to the "Contact Us" tab.

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