2018 NASCAR Monster Cup Series Race Car

1 - FRONT NOSE - The nose is two inches longer

2 - DECALS - are not permitted to cover the headlights or tail lights and have been moved to the bumpers.

3 - HOOD - Now made of carbon fiber

4 - WINDSHIELD - The rake of the windshield has been increased (less steep) by about 2 1/2 degrees by moving the bottom/front 4 inches forward and the top/rear moved 1/2 an inch back

5 - ROLL CAGE - Three additional bars have been added to the roll cage. One bar runs diagonally from the front center of the roof to the right front passenger footwell. The other two bars have been added to the upper front section - along the top of the windshield.

6 - CONTINGENCY SPONSORS - Sizes of contingency sponsor and car number decals have been reduced.

7 - FRONT NOSE - Drivers name decal has been added on top of the windshield and will be flanked by the name of the car manufacturer

8 - ROOF - The roof has been rounded.

9 - ROOF FLAPS - The roof flaps that help keep the car from getting airborne are larger

10 - SHAPE - There is additional contour on most body panels

11 - SPONSOR LOGOS - Sponsor logo are now allowed to be placed on the rear of the roof beside the car number.

12 - BODY PANELS - All body panels, except the deck lid and hood are supplied by original equipment manfacturer.

13 - SIDE WINDOW - The shape of the windows vary between manufacturers brands, but the total surface area is equal

14 - REAR DECK LID - Like the front hood; the rear deck lid is also made of carbon fiber.

15 - REAR END - The rear end (or tail) is six inches shorter

16 - REAR SPOILER - The rear spoiler has been reduced from eight inches tall in 2014 to only six inches for 2015

17 - WINDOW NETS - Keeps drivers head and arms inside the vehicle during an accident.

18 - TV CAMERA - Camera mounted on roof to give viewers a 'drivers view' of the action. All cars carry a "pod" for a camera to equalize any aerodynamic effects.

19 - GOODYEAR WRANGLER RACE TIRES - Treadless radial tires designed specifically for racing

20 - BRAKE AIR INTAKES - Direct outside air to brake disc and rotor for additional cooling

21 - RADIATOR AIR INTAKE Directs outside air into the radiator to cool engine and fluids

22 - HOOD PINS - Four, quick release metal pins with wire tethers that keep the hood closed

23 - COWL INDUCTION - Housing for the air cleaner that connects the air intake at the base of the windshield to the carburetor.

24 - JACKING BOLTS - Area where the crew uses a tool to adjust the handling of the car by altering the load on the rear springs

25 - JACK POST - Area where jackman places the jack to lift the car during pit stops

26 - WINDSHIELD TABS - Allow for easy removal of the windshield should the driver need to be extricated from the race car