19 years ago when this game started it was just between several of us friends.  As the game has grown larger it just got mandatory that we all pay in advance for the segment we are about to play.  Players must pay in full before playing.  This makes it fair for everyone, and this is really for everyone's protection.  In the past I used to allow people to pay one half of the entry at the beginning and it just became too much of a headache.  MANY players return year after year and in fact, over 75% of our players from 2018 had us retain their winnings to already pay for 2019. So we only have about 10 spots open as of 1/1/19. if you are interested you need to contact me ASAP.

1) NOTE** -- Drop outs... If for some reason you want to drop out of the game you may do so and get a refund on the un-played second 1/2 of the season. I know NASCAR has a long season; and sometimes unexpected things come up.  Lets assume you pay for the entire year all at the beginning. If you decide you want to drop out of the game, and the second 1/2 of the season has NOT started,.. you will be eligible for a refund for that half (the second 1/2) of the season. Sorry but no refunds can be given for the first 1/2 of the season after the contest has begun,... and no refunds for the remainder of the season after the second 1/2 of the season has started. NO refunds are given for "overall', or "chase" entry.  Entry is allotted as $50 for the first half of the season and $36 for the second half.  So if you do have to drop out you could get a $36 refund.

2) All entry fees will be paid out. There is a 100% pay-out in the game. No "administration fees" etc will be deducted for upkeep of the game, and it's standings. I Love NASCAR; people love my game and I "donate" my time so we all can have fun together. We have also built this Game on a 'free' web site (thanks to our friends at YOLA) so we don't have to charge any additional fees to cover web cost. All of what is taken in as entry fees is paid out. It actually breaks down to only $2.30 per week for your entry,.. and 12th place pays over double that. When you break it down 'per week', and then consider we pay out SO MANY spots, and you have to beat SO FEW people to get winnings, you understand how you can easily win your entry back if you stay active.

3) NOW, since I don't require everyone pay for the ENTIRE year all up front (and people may also find out about the game after the season has started)... they can still join at the beginning of any segment. If this happens the prize pay-outs will be adjusted upwards to reflect the additional entries. Of course if a player drops out after 1/2 the game, we'd have to adjust the payout's downward to reflect that also. Most people stay in for the full year. And with such an inexpensive entry fee.... we can all have a lot of fun for virtually no expense. ALL players will get a copy of the pay-out break down at the start of each segment so they can double check what is posted. We also post the players winnings on the site weekly with the results.

4) Entry fee is broke down as follows. Entry is $1.50 per week, (remember we pay out the top 12 scores each week) plus $4 for each segment,.. plus an additional $10 for the overall scoring plus an additional $6 for the Chase. (Everyone is in each phase of the competition, All segments and, the Overall). Every player with a win in the first 26 races - plus top eight in overall points also qualify for the CHASE So the total year long entry fee would be $86 $54 ($1.50 x 36 races) plus $16 ($4 x 4 segments) plus $10 (overall) plus $6 Chase. It's the MOST fun you can have that lasts all season, and enhances your NASCAR Race viewing experience.

5) Now.. let me point out something.  $86 may seem a little high for an entry at first thought, that's why we break it up over the race season. Remember we paid out over $5,600 just last season in winnings,.. and that was all between about 60 people.  We've paid out over $80,000 total over our 16 seasons.  All along we've averaged about 55 players per season. So when you look at it that way, that's a nice prize fund for such a small group to beat.

Also remember we pay out 12 spots EVERY week (depending on total number of players), plus there are 12 spots paid for each of the four separate segments, and then we pay pay out 12 spots in overall.... and the eight spots in the Chase.  So there are MANY opportunities to win back the entry; (450+ pay out positions in the 36 weeks) Also the ratio is very good. It's not like you are competing against 500,000 people nationwide to win back some small amount.

To make two payments for the season, it would be $50 for the first half of the season (17 races) and then $40 for the second half of the season. The first half of the entry also includes the overall entry fee, and Chase entry fee.  PayPal has just recently introduced here as an accepted payment method. Everyone seems to like it. Payment is made instantly, both the players and I have a record of payment, and it is secure,  I prefer it as it is a safe easy way to pay.  I also can send your winnings back to you that way also.

Complete info on "The Chase" is with the game rules. This added extra excitement, and even if some players have a bad segment, it keeps them in the hunt to make "the Chase".