Driver Picking
Pick 4 drivers from the "A" list
Pick 3 drivers from the "B" list
Pick 2 drivers from the "C" list
Pick 1 drivers from the "D" list

There will be 10 total picks each race.  This forces players to have to pick drivers of varying talent levels, and team qualities.  Points will be awarded according to the scale shown above.  Your teams weekly point total will be a COMBINED total of all 10 drivers you choose plus any bonus points.
1st.......55         15th.......26         28th.......13 
2nd......52         16th.......25         29th.......12 
3rd......49         17th.......24          30th.......11 
4th......46         18th.......23          31st.......10 
5th......43         19th.......22          32nd.......9 
6th......40         20th.......21          33rd........8 
7th......38         21st.......20          34th........7 
8th......36         22nd......19          35th........6 
9th......34         23rd.......28          36th........5 
10th....32         24th.......17          37th........4 
11th....30         25th.......16          38th........2 
12th....29         26th.......15          39th........2 
13th....28         27th.......14          40th........1 

You MAY choose a driver as many times during the season as you would like.  There is no cut-off to the number of times you can use a driver, nor is there any type of fee other than the original entry fee. (ie: there are no additional fees for driver changes, etc)

1). All players drivers picks must be in before the START of the race.  Picks arriving late will be considered "not received". Pick sites are time stamped and automatically forwarded at time of player pick.  The system will send you a copy of your picks immediately after you pick.  This shows the picks were received and also lets you look over your picks again just to make sure you didn't make any errors.  For this reason I suggest people send in picks at least an hour ahead of time - this way they have a chance to double check what they actually sent in - AND if they don't get a copy you might want to send in the picks again just to be safe.  I'd advise checking your picks when they come to you so that you MAKE SURE you have picked every position, and have NOT picked a driver twice.  It is very important to check your choices before you hit SUBMIT and make sure the drivers you picked are the ones you wanted.  Also please MAKE SURE your FULL name is at the top of the pick sheet.  I often gets picks with no names.. that's a BAD deal.  Of all issues, people not putting their name on the entry seems to cause the most problems.  As we have expanded we are getting more and more duplicate first names; so put your FULL name on the picks.

2). Technology errors do happen!  At the beginning of the season you will be sent a direct e-mail address and phone number to submit picks in case of anything crazy happening (internet down, loss of electricity, etc).  Remember your picks must get to me before the green flag drops to be official.  The game web site, and email seem be the most dependable way.  If you send in picks via direct email to me I always make an effort to send you an "OK" reply. Of course if you want to make a last minute change, you still have until the drop of the green flag.  ONE NOTE on this - if you do send in picks via the web site and also via email PLEASE make sure the two list of drivers picks match.  If for some reason they DON'T match I will use the picks sent via EMAIL as the official picks.  My reasoning is you MAY have accidentally clicked the wrong name on the web site, or made some other error; and I have found when people actually take the time to type the picks in, usually these are the picks a player intended. (just another reason to send in picks both ways)

3). Anyone who doesn't update their picks from week to week will get the SAME drivers they had the previous week. Things come up from time to time, so sometimes it is impossible to get picks in every week. (emergencies, vacations, internet down, or just forget).  So In an effort to keep the game competitive,... this provision is made: -- if you have a driver carry over from the previous week that is NOT in the current weeks field, the player will be given the worst finisher in the group that a player does not currently have in their field of drivers.  For example -- If you had previously picked Timmy Hill and you let your drivers carry over, and Hill does not make THIS race; you will be given credit for the lowest "D" driver (Hill is a "D" driver) in the race.  This also helps if you accidentally pick the same driver twice.  This keeps you from just getting a big "Zero" points for that driver and eliminating your chances at being competitive.  The driver Hill was replaced with would be the driver that carries over to the next week if you failed to pick again the following week.

4). ANY driver not included on any of the lists will be considered a "D" driver... and you can write them in the the "write in" area.  For example, Ron Fellows, Boris Said, etc, may come in and run a road course race.  They would not be listed in any of the groups, and must be used as a "D" driver pick.  I will send an alphabetical list of the drivers in each group to every player so you can see who is what group, and if a driver is listed in ANY group at all.  REMEMBER to check the other groups before picking someone as a write in.  Often people write in a driver that is ALREADY listed in a list.