After each race I'll send out an email to all the game players, as soon as the results are posted that shows how everyone did for the event. This usually happens about Tuesday afternoon.  I use the "official" NASCAR final results for scoring purposes and also the drivers they pick for the contingency awards.  There will be complete results posted on the web site covering all aspects of the game; Posted will be the Weekly Race Results, the Segment Standings, and Overall Standings; and also the Race for the Chase standings.  The links at the top of the web page will guide you to whatever you want to see.

One thing I want to point out. The Weekly, Segment, and Overall results are all on the same link. Let me be clear on how you can find it.
1) You can click on the "Weekly Results" tab on the web site.
2) You'll see that when the page opens It shows an Excel style work sheet, Right now it has the 2018 final weeks weekly winners.
3) This works just like a regular Microsoft Excel sheet.
4) At the bottom you'll see tabs that say "Weekly", "Segment", "Overall", " and "Chase".
5) If you click on the place that says Segment, it'll change and now show the current segments standings.
6) If you click where it says overall... it'll show overall.

NOW,... below that you'll see where I write my weekly blog on the race, the number of picks, and the movement in the standings.
If you scroll ALL the way down the page you will see links for the weekly results for the two previous years; and if you look at the "Race Results" Link you will see the race results for the previous two years also.
Since I don't require everyone pay for the ENTIRE year all up front (and people may join at the beginning of any segment) the pay-out may vary from segment to segment by just a tiny amount....
Most people stay in for the full year. And with such an inexpensive entry fee.... we can all have a lot of fun for virtually no expense.