Unknown to her husband, Louise Smith entered the families Ford in a race and rolled it.  News of the crash made it into the local hometown newspaper before she got home.... oops.

The aftermath of Junior Johnson crash at Darlington

Adam Petty received fatal injuries when his throttle hung open entering turn three at Loudon NH.  He died of a basal skull fracture just like Dale Earnhardt would receive the following year at Daytona

The next time the Cup series returned to Loudon NH; the same thing happened to Kenny Irwin; he also had a basal skull fracture and died from his injuries. Both accidents happened in practice.

Brad Sweet in the black car hits the car of Joey Gase (#52) so hard at Bristol it lifted it off the ground at Bristol.

Tony Stewart wrong side up in an Xfinity race at Talladega.

This is the famous finish to the Daytona 500 in 1976. Petty and Pearson crash coming off of turn number four to get the checkered flag.

Sara Christian found herself upside down also.  She rolled her 1959 Ford at Hillsboro, NC

Bobby Myers received fatal injuries in this crash at Darlington in 1957.  Fonty Flock spun and stopped as Myers struck him head on.  Bobby was the father of 'Chocolate' Myers.  Chocolate was a crew member on Dale Earnardt Sr's "Flying Aces" pit crew.

In 1965 Buren Skeen was also killed at Darlington.  Skeen spun and was hit in the drivers door.  His seat broke loose and ended up on the other side of the car.

In 1983 at Daytona in a 125-mile qualifying race, Bruce Jacobi spun off of turn #2 into the infield.  He started flipping violently when he hit the grass.  He received extensive head injuries from the crash and was in a comatose state for four years until he passed away in 1987.  

This is JD McDuffie's fatal crash at Watkins Glen in 1991.  He had a mechanical failure that results in his losing his brakes.  He slammed in to the wall so hard that his car flew up high into the air; and while in the air Jimmy Means car went under it. McDuffie was killed instantly.  This wreck led to the chicane being added on the back straight at Watkins Glen

Truck series racer Tony Roper received fatal injuries while racing at Texas Speedway in 2000.  Roper was the third driver to perish in 2000.  The other two; Adam Petty, and Kenny Irwin; all from basal skull fractures.  Four months later Dale Earnhardt Sr would die from the same injuries. This led to NASCAR mandating use of the Head And Neck Restraint Device (HANS device).

This is a pit road accident that killed a member of Bill Elliott's pit crew at Atlanta.  Ricky Rudd came into his pits too fast; his rear tires locked up causing the car to swap ends; crushing the right rear tire changer between the two cars.  Even though Elliott had dominated the race, when he was told the crew member had died he parked his car.  This incident led directly to NASCAR implementing the pit road speed limit

During the 1964 World 600 Ned Jarrett and Junior Johnson tangled and Fireball Roberts spun to avoid the collision.  Roberts car spun into the inside guard rail flipped and burst into flames.  Jarrett's car spun to a stop near Roberts car (car #11); and Jarrett ran to Roberts car to render aid.  Roberts was screaming "My God Ned. Help me, I'm on fire".  With just a t-shirt on Roberts received second and third degree burns over 80% of his body.  Roberts lived the first few days; then a week passed, and then a month; and it looked like Roberts was going to survive.  But 36 days after his accident he caught pneumonia; got sepsis and died.


At Nashville Speedway in 1963 Tiny Lund and David Pearson tangled. Lund (#32) blew a motor and hit the wall.  Pearson (#6) got in the oil and he hit the guardrail and Lund, as Lund began to mow down the fence taking out a large section.


Geoff  Bodine's  death  defying  crash  at  daytona

Going to post some more crash sequence photos.  These six photos are from 2000 in the first Truck series race held at Dayton; Geoff Bodine had a vicious, fiery crash.  Bodine's truck got pinched into the outside wall, and climbed the catch fence at 190 MPH.

The truck barrel rolled several times, and as it rolled it was struck several times by several other trucks completely destroying it.  The fuel cell was thrown out and noting left of the truck but the roll cage; coming to rest on it's roof.

Bodine only broke his right wrist, right cheek bone, his right ankle, a vertebra in his back, and suffered a concussion.  This is all that remained of the race truck, but the roll cage did it's job and held up remarkably well.


austin  dillon's violent  crash  at  daytona

Austin Dillon was involved in a major crash as the field took the checkered flag at Daytona in the coke Zero 400.  Hamlin (#11) got spun and he went up into Dillon (#3) launching him into the air.

Dillon flew into the catch fence striking it with his roof first while the field of cars raced under him.  The impact tore out a large section of the catch fence throwing debris into the crowd and injuring a few fans.

The impact destroyed the car and tore the motor out of it's compartment.  It landed in the infield.  Brad Keselowski spun into Dillon and delivered a hard impart just as Dillon was about to come to a stop.  Dillon ended up on his roof.

Fearing the worst crew members from Dillon's crew and Casey Mears Geico crew rushed out onto the track to check on him and render aid.  Luckily Dillon escaped without any injuries.


Ricky  rudd  daytona  crash

In 1984 racing in the Busch Clash at Daytona; Ricky Rudd spun and the car turned backwards and lifted into the air.  Rudd was lucky to survive the crash as his window net dislodged and in the picture on the right you can see his head outside the window.

Rudds car flipped and barrel rolled many times destroying it and discarding parts along the way

Here you can see another picture of Rudd with his head and arm outside the car.  He was lucky he didn't lose his arm; but the car never landed on the drivers side window.  The car started wrecking coming off of turn number four and didn't stop until it was in the tri-oval.

Rudd escaped any serious injuries; coming out of the incident with two black eyes and his face so swollen he had to use tape to tape his eyes open so he could see.  He raced in the Daytona 500 the following week and won at Richmond the week after that.  Later it was determined Rudd had received a concussion in the crash and hid it from NASCAR.  This is what prompted NASCAR to implement a protocol where drivers had to receive medical clearance before being cleared to race again.

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