1960 Daytona 500- Largest crash in NASCAR history. 68 cars started the race and in the early laps they had a massive pile-up involving 40 cars.

This was Hoss Ellington's 1967 Mercury that he crashed in the 1964 Fire Cracker 400. On the hauler in the background is LeeRoy Yarbrough's car that won the race.

This is the aftermath of Dale Earnhardt Sr third career start - Atlanta 1976 Dixie 500.  Earnhardt would finish 19th even after having this flip and completed 260 of 328 laps

Jesse Sample had this devastating crash at Darlington in 1963.  He spun, lost control, and took out a large portion of the pit wall landing on his roof.  Luckily the rookie from Atlanta escaped with only minor injuries.

David Reutimann spins and collects the wall at Pocono

Al Keller shown here exiting his Jaguar after a crash

Young driver Dink Widenhouse was involved in a multicar wreck in the Southern 500 at Darlington.  Widenhouse, who suffered only a cut arm in the accident, started to climb out of his damaged car but passed out at the sight of his own blood.  He got tangled up in his safety belts, and was in this alarming position when the safety crew reached him.  He was not seriously injured.

This is the remains of Joe Weatherlys fatal crash at Riverside Road Course in 1963.  He blew a tire going into a right hand turn and crashed hard into the outer barrier, then came back across the track and struck the other side. The 1961-1962 CUP Champ was killed instantly.

Danica Patrick had a rough first year at Daytona.  She was involved in three crashes while running near the front - none of them were her doing.  Here she got turned on the final lap.

After earlier incidental contact put Carl Edwards in the garage for repairs; he came back out many laps down and intentionally crash Brad Keselowski (#12) who was running in the top 5 at the time.

Richard Petty's serious crash at Daytona 1988.  He was clipped from behind and barrel rolled down the track; he avoided serious injury.

This is the start of Richard Petty's bad crash at Pocono in 1980.  You can see he's already hit the wall hard enough to tear off the right front wheel off the car.  The car almost flipped and Petty withheld the seriousness of his injuries.

This is the aftermath of Richard Petty's violent crash at Darlington; he spun coming off of turn #4 and hit the inside wall almost head on.  Here you can see Petty Hanging unconscious partly out of his car.  His car was destroyed but Petty escaped with only a dislocated shoulder.

Ken Schrader crashed wildly and rolled at Talladega in 1995 in a multi-car accident.  The car was destroyed, and now sits on exhibit at Hendricks Motorsports shops in Charlotte NC

Tony Stewart (#20) was caught up in a multi-car accident in the Daytona 500 and took a wild ride, but escaped uninjured.

This was the start of a major crash after at Talladega. Buddy Baker (#28) was leading on lap 4 when he blew a tire in front of the field in the tri-oval.  Over 20 cars were involved in the crash.

This is Davey Allison's car as it catches fire.  His father Bobby Allison can be seen jumping the retaining wall to come to his son's assistance.

1973 saw Larry Smith have a fairly innocent looking crash at Talladega.  His crew was preparing to fix the car when they found out he had died . Rumor was he tore the inner out of his helmet because it irritated him.


Talmage Prince had a promising Cup future.  He made his first Cup start at Talladega, but only 18 laps into this race , he had this accident that proved fatal.

In 1965 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Harold Kite was involved in a five car pile-up.  Kite wast-boned in the drivers side door by Jimmy Helms and was fatally injured.

A crash between Lake Speed and Greg Sacks at Pocono. Luckily neither driver was injured.


Neil  Bonnett's  flip

Here is a sequence of photos of a wild ride involving Neil Bonnett (#31) at Talladega in 1993.  In this series you'll see he gets sideways in the tri-oval and the cars lifts and starts to flip.  Two cars #55 Ted Musgrave and #75 Dick Trickle would go under Bonnett while he was in the air, before he hit the outside wall.  Bonnett had suffered a serious crash injury three years before and retired from racing; but he had continued to test cars for close friend Dale Earnhardt Sr.  This would be the next to last start for Bonnett.  Earnhardt had convinced to return to NASCAR Cup racing full time beginning in 1994, and during SpeedWeeks at Daytona in 1994 Bonnett would crash and receive fatal injuries.


Cale  Yarborough  goes  out  of  the  park  at  Darlington

Above is a series of four photos of Cale Yarborough going out of the track at Darlington in the Southern 500 in 1965. Yarborough and Sam McQuagg tangled going into turn one and Yarborough climbed over the hood of McQuagg's car and over the guard rail. The last picture shows Yarboroughs car being towed back to the infield. Neither driver was injured.  The video from this accident was used for many years in the opening of ABC's Wide World of Sports


Bobby  Allison's  Talladega  flip

This is Bobby Allison's flip at Talladega in 1987.  On lap 22 Allison blew a motor and debris from the motor cut his tire and causing his car to turn backwards and lift up, go airborne and slam into the catch fence just at the flagman's stand.  Allison was uninjured and his son Davey went on to win the race.  This wreck is largely responsible for NASCAR starting to use restrictor plates to slow the cars down on the super speedways.


Lee  Petty  and  Johnny  Beauchamp's  Crash

Lee Petty and Johnny Beauchamp's crash sequence at Daytona International Speedway.  This happened in the second 125 mile qualifying race in 1961 - Petty #42 Beauchamp #73.  One picture shows both cars going out of the park; and another shows the bottom of Beauchamp's car.  The bottom two pictures show the cars aftermath.  This would be the final NASCAR race for Beauchamp even though he only received minor injuries.  Petty had life threatening injuries.  This crash effectively ended his career.


Jack  Smith's  Daytona  Crash

In this sequence Jack Smith leaves the track at Darlington in 1958.  Even with this wild ride, Smith did not receive any injuries.  As you can see his car ended up in the parking lot.


Kyle  Larson's  Daytona  Crash

Photos here and below of Kyle Larson's Xfinity Series crash at Daytona in 2013.  You can see a multi-car crash started with #32 Kyle Larson getting tossed into the catch fence just before the flag stand and destroying both his car and the fencing.  Some of the other cars involved were Parker Klingerman #77; Justin Allgaier #31, and Brian Scott #2. Larson's car was demolished as seen here.  You can also see the car took a direct hitfrom a catch fence post and it sheered the entire front off the car; and the rear of the car was torn off also.

These photos show Larson was uninjured and able to walk away.  It also shows the entire rear of the car almost ripped away.  You can also see the damage to the catch fence.  These pictures show the damage to the fence.  Large hunks were torn out and support poles broken in two - large auto parts were also thrown into the stands.  Several fans got severe injuries and were hospitalized.  If you look in the center of the lower left picture you'll see a wheel and suspension, above that is the race cars motor.  You can also see the motor in the picture on the right next to the opening in the fence.

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