Going to cover some NASCAR crashes.  Some will be a photo sequences. I'll try to provide what info I can on all the photos.

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Bobby Allison spun off turn #4 at Daytona and    Rusty Wallace took at wild ride in the Daytona in 
backed into the infield fence hard enough to       1993.  He repeated this at Talladega later that
fold down the rear clip and end up here.            year.

 Somehow Red Farmer survived the horrific         Four wide just doesn't work at a track like Bristol
crash in 1975 at Daytona.

There was nothing funny to driver Robert           Tony Stewart is upside down in the closing laps
Pressley flipping the Cartoon Network car in       of the Daytona 500.  He flipped high into the air
the 1997 Daytona 500.                                      and many cars raced under him while flipping.
Michael Waltrip takes a tumble in the 2004         Ryan Newman crashed so hard he threw the rear
rendition of the Daytona 500                             end out of his car in the 2003 Daytona 500
In the 1977 Daytona 500 with 10 laps to go Dale Earnhardt Sr was in second place stalking down leader Bill Elliott when he tapped the wall coming off turn two.  he lost some momentum and was run into by Dale Jarrett send Earnhardt's Chevy upside down in a wild ride.  Earnhardt got out of the car but then ask a track safety worker to see if the car would restart.  It did and Earnhardt crawled back into the badly beaten and battered car and finished the race. 

Chris Buescher took a wild ride at Talladega in    This incident occured at Daytona as the cars
2016.  Austin Dillon hit the wall and in the          entered turn three on lap 78.  Jeff Greem (#66)
melee Michael Annett hooked the #34 cars          spun into the field grass and come back up
right rear quarter panel and sent the car            across the track collecting the cars of Joe
flipping.  He rolled three times but was not        Nemechek (#01), Carl Edwards (#99) and Kyle
Injured.                                                          Petty.  Edwards nearly drove in Petty's window.

Dale Earnhardt Jr and Steve Park crash together at Pocono. Park had spun and came across Earnhardt nose as they spun into the infield. Earnhardt's car pinned Parks car against the highway type guard rail, and sent him flipping. Park rolled several times before coming to a stop on it's side.  Neither driver was injured.

This is a crash David Reutimann had in the closing laps at Watkins Glen.  this ocurred in turn two as Reutimann got into the outside grass and hit the retaining wall bouncing back into race traffic and flipped into the catch fence and down the track. Several other cars were also involved.  Reutimann was uninjured but as you can see; his car was destroyed.

Sequence of crash for Michael Waltrip at Bristol in 1990. This is just prior to impact. His car disintegrated into pieces.  Waltrip crashed into the wall where the gate opens to let cars into the infield, the gate broke and he went head on into the end of the wall. As you can see Waltrip's car was destroyed.  This is one of the worst single car crashes in NASCAR history. Everyone who saw the crashed feared Waltrip was dead got only cuts and bruises. In the final picture Waltrip is still in the car as safety officials rush to his aid.

Here is a picture of the same gate 12 years later when Mike Harmon had virtually the same crash. You can see how far the gate moved and the end of the wall. The car was then split in half, and the part Harmon wasn't in was struck by Johnny Sauter. In one picture you can still see Hatmon in the car unbuckling from his drivers seat; Harmon cheated death, and was able to stand up, step out of his car, and emerge uninjured.