I wanted to throw out another over-view of the camp.  You'll see in the picture at the very bottom right two blue buildings.  These are cabins for the campers.  Backed up to those you see what looks like a giant oval shaped race track.  The first two buildings would be the 'Fab Shop' and 'Pit Stop' that I discussed on the other page.  the next thing is the pool, and as you go into 'turn 1' is where the Tony Stewart Maze and Giant Tree House is located.  Now we'll continue on around the circle.  Sitting in 'turn 2 is the Arts & Crafts Building;

followed by Jimmie Johnson Victory Lanes; then the Silver Theatre; The big building with the green roof is Michael Waltrip's Sports Gym; next is Hendrick Motorsports Fuel Stop with the green colors is right next to that and as we head into turn #3 there is the Goody's Headache Powders Medical Center in the lower left corner of the picture.  Just out of site in turn #4 is where a giant replica of Adam Petty's Sprint sponsored car.  NO worries; I'll cover everything so you see what all Victory Junction has to offer for it's campers.  There are also several other items not located around the 'track' and I'll feature them also.



Quick note here - anywhere you see a 'race car' (like in the picture at left) - these are actual real life size cars; so this gives you some reference as to the size of some of these buildings.
Here was see a couple pictures the Arts & Crafts building.  This is pretty self explanitory.  It's a nice place for the campers to go and do all sorts of arts and crafts projects.  The campers get to let their imaginations run wild and come up with some pretty inventive stuff.

next stop -  Jimmie  Johnson's  Victory  Lanes

If you guess this would be where the bowling alley is; you'd be right.  Here is a picture of the outside of the bowling alley, and some pictures of the inside of it.  Notice on the outside you'll see the race theme continued as we see race tires wrapped around the support posts.  The picture on the right shows four top of the line bowling lanes complete with automatic scorers over head.  This also boast various other games like foosball, arcade games, and pin ball machines. Behind it is a Putt-Putt course.  A couple photos of it can be seen below.  This place has just about anything a kid can dream of.

Rounding the turn and coming down the back stretch the next building we see is the


Many camp activities occur here; kids perform plays; skits; and sing songs.  This is the place where campers explore their creative side.  During each week there is "Stage Day";  A camp wide showcase of talent and fun where the campers and counselors perform on stage.  Like everywhere else in the camp we see many race themed items.  The ceiling is covered in race car hoods

(pics below right), the main 'chandelier' outside in the lobby is a lighted motor (pictured lower left).  There are also small touches like spark plugs mounted in the wall (center picture).


 As we zip down the back straight we next come to the


Outside is a caricature of Michael Waltrip running.  Basically it's a gym.  A place for the kids to play when it is raining or hot outside.  All sorts of activities take place here.  Kids can play ping-pong or shoot pool along with many other games.  a picture below shows the inside

next to that we find the 


This is where the kids 'fuel up" and eat their meals. It is also used as another location for moving activities indoors when the weather is bad; and a spot for parties or dances.

speeding down the back straight and heading into turn #3 we have the


It is a full service medical center and pharmacy.  It has items to cover any problems the campers might encounter while at camp.  To make sure fun-filled days are not interrupted; scheduled medications are hand delivered and administered to the campers so they can keep on having fun.  They even have equipment so if a child needs daily dialysis it can be done right here at the camp.  NO other camp has this available.  A child in this situation at some other camp would have to be taken to the neatest facility; and then returned to the camp.  As has been stated this camp is state-of-the-art and up to date in every way.  Also inside the medical center all of the rooms are built to look JUST like their room in the

cabins.  That way they feel "at home" and not like they are in some creepy hospital.  Dr's and health personnel are in the field all the time with the campers.  They even dress as regular camp counselors so the kids won't know a Doctor is nearby.  A full time doctor and nurse are on the property 24 hours per day.


In these two pictures you can see the 'flag stand'. In the picture at the right you can see the ramp going from the Silver Theater rising up and crossing over the track to get to the  stand in the infield.  The flagstand picture is below

Rounding the final turn and headed for home we find the 

Adam  Petty  Race  Shop.

The building is built in the likeness of his race car; and inside are all sorts of racing stuff to do.  It's hard to tell exactly how large this building is from the picture; but as a reference; where the tires are, there is a set of double doors in each tire. You also might get some idea from the two golf carts sitting in front of the rear tire, and the light post

 along side.  Inside there is a racing simulator where kids can drive the race in actual virtual race conditions (it is the #32 tide sponsored car shown above right).  The kids can put on an actual drivers race suit, change a tire, play Wii, and other games and much more.  Also there are actual cars that have been raced in NASCAR events; I have posted a few pictures here of the items inside.

Since the original camp was built; it has continued to grow and expand.  Thanks to donations many new and interesting things have been built on property.  So the following items show cased aren't located around the track; but right behind or besides the buildings already shown.  The first thing I'll cover is


These new additions are great from the kids, and add many various things for the campers to do.  I had to ask what the affiliation the name "Jesse" was with NASCAR.  Being a long time NASCAR fan; I couldn't come up with anything.  Our guide told me that 'Jesse' was a girl that was great friends with Adams Petty's sister; Montgomery Lee Petty. Jesse got cancer and attended the camp; and loved horses and riding them very much.  Upon

her passing Jesse's parents donated the money to build the area for the horses in her honor.  Here we see the picture of the riding stables, and also a picture of the outside of the barn.  Also outside the barn there is a painted statue of Jesse with her horses (picture upper right).  The photo here (below left) is of the horse Mr Magnolia Zip.  He is an example of the therapeutic horses used at Victory Junction.  Before coming to the camp Mr Magnolia Zip was a world

champion in western pleasure horse competitions.  The kids get a real kick out of getting to say they have ridden a world champion show horse.  There are also llamas, goats and donkeys in the barn area that campers can interact with and learn about

Also recently added has been the

Kurt  Busch  Super  dome

Again for scale to see how big this building is - see the real sized NASCAR race car above the entrance.   The picture lower left is taken from a bit futher away so you can get a better sense of how large this is.  Inside the building contains a miniature size indoor softball / kickball field, it is able to be used no matter what the weather.  Just like every other activity at camp; provisions have been made so that EVERY child can play here. Whatever it takes to get every child involved has been implemented. This building also shows all the bright cheery colors carried all throughout the camp.  Just look at all those different colors, and also take note of the ceiling rafters all painted alternating colors.  The floor of the play area is cushioned and soft to walk on.  It is made entirely from ground up reprocessed race car tires.  There is also a seating area like bleachers where kids can play games and couches where they can just 'chill'.

As of this update this next item is the most recently added.  It is the

Dale  Earnhardt  jr  Corral  and  Ampitheater

The campers love this area. Entertainment is provided outside under the stars.  You can see the purple building (behind the small trees) is where lighting and sound is coordinated from.  The picture with

people on  the stage is from opening day for the Amphitheatre. It is hoped that this will be able to be used when the campers are not at camp to hold concerts and various activities for the general public to help raise funds  for the camp. As you can see it is quite large and can


seat many people on the tiered seating. I have posted a few pictures from various angles. The camp also hosts a 5K fun run every year to help raise funds in support of the camp. It is open to everyone; so if you want to visit the camp and see it all for yourself; you can do so while attending the run.

Archery is also available for campers.  It is one of the most popular areas of the camp.  When a camper hits a 'bullseye"; everyone celebrates by singing and doing the camp's famous "Bulls Eye Dance"


As we wind down the various camp activities we have the

Adventure  area

The camp counselors have to report to camp two months before the first kids arrive, two be trained and know everything about how to easily and safely ascend the tower with help from a pulley system and the highly-trained counselors.  You can see there is a giant climbing stand and also a zip line.  Any kids that many not be able to climb on their own; the camp has provisions made so every camper can use this tower.  

Last but not least is the

Spiritual  center

Taking care of the spirit is as important as taking care of the body.  For those who want to nurture this side of themselves, Victory Junction offers the Spiritual Center, a place where optional, all-faith worship services may be held.  Parents can also participate in small group discussions on family weekends, or enjoy a solitary area for quiet reflection.

I hope you have enjoyed the information I have provided here about Victory Junction.  It was a joy to see the camp; and I have a new appreciation for all these people do for thechildren.  I hope to continue to raise funds for Victory Junction as we have adopted them as our official charity for the NASCAR Fantasy Game, and I hope the info provided here prompts you too donate also.  Please feel free to contact them directly by clicking on the logo below.

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